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Macworld Mac Gems Superguide by Macworld

Ebook: $4.99
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Macworld Mac Gems Superguide

Capsule reviews of inexpensive software to improve your Mac usage.

Hey, What's This?
If you're familiar with our ebooks, you've probably noticed that this one is different. It was written by our friends at Macworld (some of whom also write for Take Control and TidBITS).

Apple includes some software with every Mac, but there's a vast world of applications and utilities out there that will enhance your Mac experience. The hard part is finding the best programs among them to make you more productive, or to make using your Mac more enjoyable. That’s where this Superguide comes in. Our friends at Macworld have been publishing the Mac Gems column for years, finding and reviewing free and inexpensive programs that you might not have run across on your own.

They've now chosen the cream of the crop and collected them in this 80-page ebook. Each program receives a capsule review, a link to the full review on Macworld's Web site, and a link to the developer's site, making it easy for you to find the programs you want. All the programs listed are compatible with Lion (and probably with Mountain Lion, though the book was released before Mountain Lion came out).

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