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Macworld iPhone 5 Superguide by Macworld

Ebook: $12.99
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Macworld iPhone 5 Superguide

Take your iPhone know-how from zero to sixty!

Hey, What's This?
If you're familiar with our ebooks, you've probably noticed that this one is different. It was written by our friends (some of whom also write for Take Control) at Macworld. Since they did a great job, we saw no reason to do something similar, so we're selling their ebook next to ours.

With this ebook in hand, you'll get started with a rundown of iPhone 5 parts and ports, and then learn how to zoom through the iOS 6 Setup Assistant plus configure a few more important settings. Next up, you'll find out about a few iPhone fundamentals, including customizing your Home screen, handling multitasking, and using Siri to control your iPhone with your voice.

You'll also learn how to operate your iPhone as a modern telephone, with advice on tracking contacts and placing phone calls and video chats, and sending text messages, along with browsing the Web, working with email, and getting around in the Maps and Passbook apps.

For those interested in office productivity, the ebook discusses calendaring, iWork basics, using Microsoft Office and Google Docs, accessing files stored elsewhere, and printing. And, for times when you feel musical, it helps you with the Music and GarageBand apps.

But wait! there's more! You'll also learn about watching videos and using the iMovie app, taking photos and using iCloud's Photo Stream, and reading ebooks and more with iBooks, Newsstand, or a third party app... plus get started with world domination in the Game Center. There's also a quick troubleshooting chapter, and an overview of useful accessories, such as headphones and cases.

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