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Take Control of Using Lion by Matt Neuburg

Ebook: $15.00
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Take Control of Using Lion

Explore Lion's native habitat with an expert guide!

This ebook will teach you how to use your Mac more effectively with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, whether you embrace all of Lion's new capabilities or strike a balance between old and new. Mac expert and former college professor Matt Neuburg explains how to use these important new features in Lion:

  • Auto Save: Fully Lion-savvy applications don't have Save commands—learn what's going on with Auto Save, and start to feel comfortable letting Lion do the work.
  • Resume: Find out how to enjoy the new Resume feature that re-opens applications and windows when you restart your Mac or relaunch a program. (Also, learn how to turn it off temporarily or permanently.)
  • Mission Control: Discover the many ways to enter and control Mission Control, and figure out how to make its many window-management options work for you.
  • Full-screen mode: Find out how to enter and leave full-screen mode, and see how it relates to Mission Control.
  • Launchpad: Launchpad brings the iPhone Home screen to the Mac. Learn how to use and customize Launchpad, and get ideas for additional ways to open your applications.
  • Gestures: If you have a trackpad or Magic Mouse, get ready for gestures in Lion, since there are more of them than ever before, and it's well worth learning a few. You'll learn about gestures as you read, since many Lion commands can be invoked with a gesture.

"Matt Neuberg has written a book useful to both diehard [Mac] cultists like me, and new users, both of whom can find what they need easily and quickly." —Lisa Spangenberg, tech blogger

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