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Take Control of Syncing Data in Leopard by Michael Cohen

Ebook: $10.00
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Take Control of Syncing Data in Leopard

Is your data stuck on your Mac? Learn how to sync it with another Mac, iPhone, iPod, mobile phone, or PDA!

With clear directions and a humorous touch, Take Control of Syncing Data in Leopard explains how to sync data from a Mac running Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard with a variety of devices from Apple and other companies. Whether you want to sync phone numbers between your Mac and your mobile phone, share calendars and keychains between Macs, or move only new podcast episodes to an iPod, syncing expert Michael Cohen has the answers. You'll learn what software and gear you need and the best ways to move data between devices. The ebook also explains how syncing works under the hood and provides troubleshooting advice in case your sync engine throws a rod. Covers iTunes 9 and iPhone OS 3!

Is this ebook up-to-date? Excellent question. You should buy this ebook only if you want a history lesson about how syncing worked at one time, back when MobileMe was active and all the various third-party products covered in this ebook were current. Much of the specific information in this ebook is no longer correct.

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