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Take Control of Apple Mail in Leopard by Joe Kissell

Ebook: $10.00
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Take Control of Apple Mail in Leopard

Go under the hood with new (and old) features in Apple Mail in Leopard!

Are you using Apple Mail in Leopard effectively? In this book, author Joe Kissell provides comprehensive guidance, with a focus on features that were new or updated in the Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard version of Mail.

Version info: This ebook covers the version of Apple Mail that comes with Leopard. Ebooks about several later versions of Mail are available; use the Search field above or look in the catalog to find them.

You'll learn how to use and customize the Mail window, control the size and styling of incoming messages, and make rules to move messages into different mailboxes automatically. The book covers outgoing mail, showing you smart ways to address messages, send attachments, and send HTML-based messages. But, that's not all! You'll also find advice about setting up accounts, solving account connection problems and other bug-a-boos, handling spam, managing attachments, making backups, searching, signatures, notes and to-do items, Data Detectors, and more.

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