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Take Control of iPhone OS 3 by Ted Landau

Ebook: $15.00
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Take Control of iPhone OS 3

Using a classic iPhone? A first-generation iPod touch? This is the ebook for you!

This ebook takes you under the hood of the iPhone operating system and hardware and uncovers mysteries surrounding many topics, including backups, batteries, Bluetooth, buying third-party apps, damage control, jailbreaking, Location Services, MobileMe, networking, passwords, problem-solving, recovering, restoring, ringtones, root access, security, SIM cards, syncing, tethering, voice control, volume control, and more.

Running iOS 4? For help with setting up and generally getting up to speed in many aspects of iPhone use, read Take Control of iPhone Basics, iOS 4 Edition.

Although we are not actively updating this ebook, the majority of the information in it should work nicely with the classic iPhone and first-generation iPod touch. These models cannot be updated to newer versions of the iPhone/iOS operating system.

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