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Take Control of iPhone Basics, iOS 4 Edition by Karen G. Anderson

Ebook: $10.00
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Master iOS 4 Mail!
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Take Control of iPhone Basics, iOS 4 Edition

Using an iPhone 3G? This is the ebook for you!

You can take control of iPhone basics (and beyond) with Karen G. Anderson. Join Karen as she discusses common accessories, and explains how to handle basic startup tasks. You'll learn about power management, how to connect to the Internet, set up a Bluetooth headset, transfer songs and other media from a computer, create a security passcode, and make folders to hold an expanding app collection. You'll also receive help with syncing calendar events and contacts, and buying apps.

Although we are not actively updating this ebook, most of the information in it should work nicely with the iPhone 3G, which can't be updated to a newer version of iOS.

Karen takes you on a tour of the important default apps that come from Apple, so whether you want to understand the mechanics of receiving and placing a phone call, check for voicemail from your boss, run a FaceTime call with your cousin, take a photo and send it to your Mom, play Game Center games with your friends, listen to a podcast, map a route to your next appointment, or match certain contacts to specific ringtones, you'll find help and advice.

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