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Take Control of Working with Your iPad by Joe Kissell

Ebook: $15.00
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Take Control of Working with Your iPad, Second Edition

Get real-world advice for doing real work on your iPad!

Any day can be "Take Your iPad to Work Day." Let Joe Kissell help you find and use the best productivity apps and techniques for your iPad. Whether you'd like to run your office from an easy chair, take meeting notes on your iPad, or travel light and still be able to create and edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more, Joe's real-world advice helps you make the most of your iPad.

Is this ebook up to date? No. This circa 2011 ebook dates from the time of iOS 4. In late 2012, we released a new title called Take Control Live: Working with Your iPad. This title is not at all a typical Take Control ebook. It consists of a season pass to four video presentations about getting work done on the iPad in the context of the software, general technology, and iPad models available in late 2012 (and early 2013). It also contains (or will contain as each presentation occurs and the title is updated) show notes for each presentation, which will provide a skimmable, compressed version the content.

Special topics include clever tips on how to use the iPad's virtual keyboard effectively, the best ways to transfer documents among apps and devices, how to print from the iPad (with or without AirPrint-compatible printers), and ways to surmount common hurdles that keep you from using your iPad productively. You'll also learn the pros and cons of Apple's productivity tools and get savvy suggestions for third-party products that you may want to add to your iPad toolkit.

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