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Take Control of the Mac Command Line with Terminal by Joe Kissell

Ebook: $15.00
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Take Control of the Mac Command Line with Terminal, Second Edition

Learn how to unleash your inner Unix geek!

If you’ve ever thought you should learn to use the Unix command line that underlies Mac OS X, or felt at sea when typing commands into Terminal, Joe Kissell is here to help! With this 167-page ebook, you’ll become comfortable working on the Mac’s command line, starting with the fundamentals and adding more advanced topics as your knowledge increases.

Joe includes numerous real-life “recipes” for tasks that are best done from the command line, as well as directions for working with permissions, carrying out grep-based searches, creating shell scripts, and installing Unix software.

"I found the answers to many questions I had in your book, and I enjoyed reading it. I am definitely more confident now in facing the Mac command line. Thank you for the time and art that you spent to create such a clarifying text."
—Mona Hosseini, grad student in Genomic Medicine and Statistics at the University of Oxford

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