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Take Control of Buying a Mac by Adam C. Engst

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Take Control of Buying a Mac, Third Edition

Save money, avoid stress, and buy the right Mac for your needs and budget!

Old info alert! Although many of the fundamentals in this ebook remain accurate and useful, a great number of the details have changed since it was published in 2008. At this time, we do not plan to further update this ebook.

Deciding that you want to buy a new Mac is easy, but embarking on the project immediately raises questions like "What Mac will best meet my needs?", "Should I buy now or wait a month?", "How do I move my files from my old Mac to my new one?", and "What should I do with my old Mac?" Mac guru Adam Engst has answered these questions countless times, and he has distilled the answers into this 98-page book. Worksheets in the book help you match your needs and budget to the model that's right for you. And, you'll learn how to predict when Apple will release new models and when you can get the most bang for your buck. When you're ready to buy, Adam helps you compare different choices for where to shop. You'll also find advice and step-by-step instructions for transferring your files from your old Mac to your shiny new one, along with a thoughts about how to get the most out of your old Mac.

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