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Take Control of Bookle by Adam C. Engst

Ebook: Free!

Take Control of Bookle

The definitive documentation for the Bookle EPUB reader.

The EPUB format has become a mainstay for electronic books, but while the iBooks app does a good job in iOS, Apple hasn't ported it to Mac OS X. Here at TidBITS Publishing, we decided to take matters into our own hands, and, with the programming work done by our friend Peter Lewis of Stairways Software, we've created Bookle, a straightforward, elegant EPUB reader for Mac OS X that maintains a library of your EPUBs.

In the free Take Control of Bookle, you'll learn how to add DRM-free EPUB files to Bookle's internal library, remove unwanted EPUBs, and quickly switch among your books using the Library list in Bookle's sidebar. Then you'll learn how to scroll around within an EPUB using the mouse, trackpad, and keyboard. You can change the font, size, and background color for most EPUBs, and you can even have Bookle read out loud to you. A final chapter helps you find thousands of EPUB-formatted books to read—many of them free—and learn which tools you can use to create your own EPUBs.

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