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Take Control of Back to My Mac by Glenn Fleishman

Ebook: $10.00
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Take Control of Back to My Mac

Gain secure remote access to all your Internet-connected Macs with the MobileMe version of Back to My Mac!

Time to look at other titles! This ebook won't be updated again, because Back to My Mac on its own under the new world order of iCloud is not sufficiently full-featured (or difficult to set up) to justify an entire Take Control ebook. However, you can already read about the iCloud version of Back to My Mac in Take Control of iCloud, and a new ebook, Take Control of Screen Sharing in Lion covers how to turn on Back to My Mac and the screen-sharing features within Back to My Mac.

If you are using the MobileMe version of Back to My Mac and want help with it even though Apple will be discontinuing the service in June 2012, you can read this ebook to learn how to connect securely from one of your Macs to another for file and screen sharing, making it possible to snag a forgotten document or control your Mac Pro from your MacBook while on a trip. Or at least that's the theory, since in practice, people have had trouble with getting Back to My Mac working. In this ebook from networking expert Glenn Fleishman, you'll find essential details on configuring common routers to work with Back to My Mac, learn about the security implications of Back to My Mac, and discover how to wake up a remote Mac. The ebook covers the MobileMe version of Back to My Mac in both Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and 10.6 Snow Leopard.

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