Login Tips

  • An account is created for you automatically when you first buy an ebook from the Take Control cart.
  • The email address that you provide in the cart becomes the login email address (and username) for your Take Control account.
  • You do not need an account to buy an ebook, but if you've bought a Take Control ebook elsewhere, such Smile, Amazon, O'Reilly, or the iBook Store, and want to create an account, you can do so by opening the PDF and clicking the Ebook Extras (or Check for Updates) button on the cover or if you don't have the PDF, look for help early in the Read Me First chapter.

Once you're logged in to your Take Control Library, click Help in the left nav bar to learn how to change your login email address and password, merge multiple accounts, and more.

Need a New Password?

Enter your login email address to receive email with instructions for resetting your password. You must be able to receive email from the tidbits.com domain for this to work; if the message doesn't appear shortly, check your spam filter.