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Once logged in, you can download your purchased ebooks, change your email address, and more.

If you've never logged in before, or have forgotten your password, here's how to get a new password and log in:

  1. Go to the Get Password page.

  2. Enter your email address, and click the Send Password Reset Instructions button. You'll receive an email message asking you to click a Web URL. If the message doesn't arrive, check your spam filters!

  3. In the email message, click the URL. You'll get a second email message, this one containing your password.

  4. Copy the password from the second email message.

  5. Back on the Take Control site, either return to this page or click the Log In link in the top orange navigation bar on any page and, in the login form, enter your email address and paste the password. (You can set a more memorable password later, so don't bother saving this one in your keychain or browser.) Your Take Control Library page appears, showing your purchased ebooks. Click the Help button for more information!