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About Take Control

It's time for you to Take Control with highly practical, tightly focused ebooks covering OS X, iOS, various apps from Apple and others, passwords, online privacy, security, AirPort networking, and even the Apple Watch. Take Control ebooks provide the technical help you need now. Our ebooks use carefully designed layout and typography for easy onscreen reading, and they include bookmarks, clickable links, and an "Ebook Extras" link that lets you access any free updates. We offer free samples of all our ebooks and a money-back guarantee, so download a Take Control ebook today!

You can follow Take Control on Twitter, find out much more about the Take Control series in our FAQ, and ask any other questions you may have.

Why Take Control?

Expert Advice
Real-World Topics
Immediate Download
Free Minor Updates
Low Prices
Clickable Links
Readable Onscreen
iPad, iPhone, iPod touch
Class Copy Discounts
30% Affiliate Program
Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Readers Speak

“I love having these Take Control books to take with me as I travel.” –LM

“I am very impressed with your product. It worked flawlessly (and almost instantly). On the scale of Web commerce, you guys get a 10 out of 10!” –DW

“Well done for making the ebooks screen-friendly. That's so rare.” –ES

“Take Control is one of the great publication ideas of the Internet age.” –CF

“Take Control ebooks get straight As—they're authoritative, accessible, and affordable.” –ET

“Congratulations on the next step in publishing!” –MW

“The experience of buying a book and receiving a free update is new to me and quite marvelous!” –CP


For questions about ordering, downloading, free updates, VAT, and more, visit our detailed FAQ.